All surfaces are cleaned and sanded with 2 coats primer and 2 coats premium quality Benjamin Moore Waterborne Paint, sprayed.

Both sides of doors and inside edge of boxes are included. 


Weeks 1 + 2:

All Doors and removed to be prepared and worked on at the shop. They'll be returned to the residence when ready to reassemble.  It's common to schedule this in advance due to longer dry-time especially when painting both sides.

Email updates with pictures are sent customers upon request to keep customers updated on the progress and for their peace mind knowing the job is getting done.

* Benjamin Moore recommends waiting 3-5 days following final coat to return doors to prevent damage to the finish. High humidity or cooler temperatures will prolong dry, recoat and cure times

Week 3: 

This is the only time work will be done at the house and typically lasts Monday to Friday and installation that weekend. Day 1,  kitchen area and cabinets boxes are prepped. All door openings and adjacent walls are taped off with plastic and the floors are covered with contractor grade paper. Day 2 + 3, boxes are then sanded and cleaned with 2 coats primer, 1 each day. Day 4+5  and second coat of paint sprayed. Doors are installed that weekend. 

Note:  Paint sprayer equipment is highest quality at 90% spray-efficiency rate, meaning very little overspray is produced.   Paint and primer need time to level and dry so one coat is applied each day with a light sanding in between each coat.



All painted surfaces need to time to cure and to achieve the best finish. This is the most important part. Paint is all about chemistry and patience for it to smooth out and cure. 

Full hardness and adhesion develop over time (at least 2 weeks, cure time 30 days!). 


A follow up call will be scheduled after 30 days for touch-ups if necessary.  




Pricing starts at $150-250/door. 2 drawer fronts = 1 door.  We ask that you don't bargain with price. We aim to please and are always looking to improve our performance and stay up to date with industry standards. 

Lead time starts at 3 weeks. 


You'll be very pleased with your new kitchen.  

See our portfolio, before & after, and testimonials sections.  100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!